Last late night swim.
29th Aug 201423:031 note
Last night in South Carolina, picnic on the beach with @intelligentedgeyoga
29th Aug 201420:52
Sunshine, mossy oaks, palmettos, bags of oysters, and magnums of Chablis.
27th Aug 201418:54
Bowens Island Restaurant, the waterfront @thewhalesbone of Charleston
27th Aug 201418:03
26th Aug 201418:48
Found great Burgundy, funky cider, stinky cheese, and artisanal charcuterie at this awesome little shop.  (at Charleston, SC)
24th Aug 201409:50
24th Aug 201409:28
23rd Aug 201409:48
New all-time fav. Outstanding food, best concept wine list, and legit all country soundtrack. Win-win-win
22nd Aug 201422:55
Morning walk with alligators and coffees along the Ashley River at Middleton Place w @intelligentedgeyoga
22nd Aug 201409:57
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